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2014 - The V-Charge Summer School

2012 - Airobots: Aerial Service Robotics

Airobots: Aerial Service Robotics

Summary of Content

The objective is to give to Master and PhD students a full overview of the new topic of Aerial Service Robotics. These are Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) that not only fly free in the air but also get in contact with the environment. In that way the UAV can perform practical tasks and become service robots.

The teaching goal will be achieved trough basic theory, presentation of case studies and exercises using a simulator.

The week is based on these 3 pillars and covers topics from UAV in free flight and contact.
- Basic theory: model and control; autonomous navigation; teleoperation.

- Presentation of case studies: EU projects, research projects, industrial application scenarios.

- Exercises using a simulator.

The basic theory and the exercises are linked. The required theoretical knowledge for the exercises will be part of the first block and the exercises with the simulator will give an example on the usage of the theory.


2012 - Soft Robotics

Soft Robotics

Soft Robotics

Learn more on a wide range of fascinating topics from biology, neuroscience, material science via modeling to controls, robotics and artificial intelligence at the soft robotics summer school. The program features lectures, hands-on sessions, a lab or company visit and case studies presented by exceptional speakers.

18. - 22. June 2012

2011 - Dynamic Walking and Running with Robots

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