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Computer Vision for Human-Robot Interaction

The goal of this project is to develop a system for human-robot cooperation for a manipulation task on a tabletop-sized workspace. Show details 

Design, Fabrication, and Testing of a Rake for the Beachbot Robot

The Beachbot is an autonomous mobile robot that draws designs in beach sand. The current rake de- sign is prone to damage. The goal of this project is to identify a more robust design for the rake and then do fabrication, integration with the rake’s control system, and testing. Show details 

Tethered Drone

In this project we aim to develop a system for deploying a tethered drone from a ground robot to provide additional situational awareness for operators. Show details 

Perception for Drone Racing

In this project we aim to detect 3D objects in image data for use in within our autonomous drone racing system. Show details 

Detection, Pose Estimation and Manipulation of Arbitrarily Shaped Objects

Depending on student's interest and background there are multiple available projects within the scope of mobile manipulation project described below. Show details 

Deep Learning for Semantic SLAM

The goal of this project is to train a deep neural network to segment robot sensor data (vision / LiDAR) into semantic scenes. The segmentation is then used to facilitate the SLAM process. Show details 

Deep Scale Learning for Visual Motion Estimation (MA/SA)

The goal of this project is to train a deep neural network to estimate scale for a purely visual motion estimation framework. This will enable robots to perform metric ego-motion estimation without use of additional information sources such as an IMU or wheel encoders. Show details 

3D Object Registration

The goal of this project is implementing and evaluating an object detection algorithm that is capable of dealing with clutter. Show details 

Learning Visual Object Descriptors

The goal of this project is developing and evaluating a machine learning based full-object descriptor algorithm for object retrieval Show details 

Multi-robot Mapping, Navigation and Exploration (MA/SA)

Master/Semester thesis at the Autonomous Systems Lab at ETH Zurich. The mapping and localization team is looking for motivated students for projects in the field of mapping, localization, machine learning, exploration and 3D reconstruction. Show details 

Note on plagiarism

We would like to suggest every student, irrespective of the type of project (Bachelor, Semester, Master, ...), to make himself/herself familiar with ETH rules regarding plagiarism

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