The sFly project is featured at TEDx Zurich



K. Alexis won 2014 Premium Award for Best Paper in Control Theory & Applications


The SEPIOS Robot developed in our Focusproject won the NI Global Student Design Showcase 2014 in Austin Texas


"Best Robot Video" at the AAAI Video Competition for M. Hutter, M. Hoepflinger, C. Gehring, M. Bloesch, M. Kolbe, R. Siegwart


“Success Stories” on the SPARC - The Partnership for Robotics in Europe - website. Check them out!


The paper from G. Darivianakis, K. Alexis, M. Burri and R. Siegwart on "Hybrid Predictive Control for Aerial Robotic Physical Interaction towards Inspection Operations" finalisted for the Best Automation Paper Award on ICRA 2014, Hong Kong.


StarlETH andVelociRoACH featured in IEEE Spectruma


MasterAwards for M. Bürki, J. Hwangbo and R. Khanna


ASL sends two focus teams to the rollout presentation on 27th May


J. Alonso-Mora, R. Siegwart, P. Beardsley win Best Video Award (2nd Price) in the 9th ACM/IEEE Int. Conf. in Human-Robot Interaction (HRI 2014)!


Marco Hutter wins ETH Medal for his Doctoral Thesis "StarlETH & Co. - Design and Control of Legged Robotics with Compliant Actuation"


Davide Scaramuzza - UniZH - formerly at ASL won IEEE RAS (Robotics and Automation Society) Early Career Award


Roland Siegwart - ETH Zurich, Switzerland IEEE won Inaba Technical Award for Innovation Leading to Production


F. Colas, F. Pomerleau, M. Liu et al. won Best RoboCup paper award at IROS


Dr. Margarita Chli appointed Chancellor's Fellow and Lecturer at School of Informatics of the University of Edinburgh


Michael Neunert received Johann Puch Innovation Award 2012 for Master Thesis


Dr. M. Liu and Prof. R. Siegwart won the "Best Paper in Information" at ICIA 2013!


Dr. Ming Liu appointed Assistant Professor at the The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


Talk @ ASL, Dr. N. Nourani-Vatani, "Vision for underwater vehicles", 13.06.2013 at 11:15


Nomination for IEEE/IFR Invention and Entrepreneurship Award


Nomination for the BestVision Paper Award at ICRA 2013


The best innovations at ETH 2013 - SPARK Award


Legged robotic team wins best hardware presentation award!


Radio interview with Prof. R. Siegwart


Ming Liu wins Winning Prize for the seventh Chunhui CupPioneering Competition for Overseas Chinese Scholars (2012)


Ming Liu has been invited for 11 universities in China for academic seminars


The sFly project is featured at TEDx Zurich


Team ARTOR wins Creative Solution Award at M-ELROB 2012


MFI 2012: Best student paper award and best paperfinalist


Demonstration of Lonelybuilder won Best Demo Award at ECAI2012


Appointments of former ASL collaborators to Professor: Dr. C. Pradalier, Dr. D. Scaramuzza, Dr. C. D. Remy


CLAWAR: Best Student Paper Award and Highly Commended Paper Award! 


ETH Life: "Obelix" crosses successfully Freiburg (project EUROPA)


EU project sFly coordinated by ASL gets published in IEEEspectrum


The paper on "Real-timeonboard visual-inertial state estimation and self-calibration of MAVs inunknown environments" by S. Weiss, M. Achtelik, S. Lynen, M. Chli andR. Siegward was a Best Vision Paper Finalist in ICRA 2012.


Talk of Prof. Kazuya Yoshida on "Mobile Robots for Exploration of Extreme and Uncertain Environments in Terrestrial and Planetary Applications"


News Archive

Prof. Davide Scaramuzza leader of the sFly project and former member of the Autonomous Systems Lab was invited to TEDx Zurich to present the results of the recently finished project sFly. At the end of the talk Markus Achtelik, Stephan Weiss and Simon Lynen collaborators within sFly were presenting the performance of the helicopter with a live demo.

Watch the video here.

This talk is about our autonomous, vision-controlled micro flying robots. Potential applications of these robots are e.g. search and rescue, inspection and environment monitoring.

Indeed, in order to be truly autonomous, current flying robots rely on GPS or motion-capture systems. Unfortunately, GPS does not work indoors, while motion-capture systems require prior modification of the environment where the robots are supposed to operate, which is not possible in environments that are still to be explored. Therefore, the idea of sFly consists of using just a single cameras onboard the robot which is combined with readings from an inertial measurement unit in an extended Kalman filter framework.

This talk presents our progress towards this endeavor, open challenges, and future applications.


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