Weiss, Stephan

Stephan Weiss

ETH Z├╝rich
Dr. Stephan Weiss
Inst. f. Robotik u. Intell. Syst.
CLA E 16.1
Tannenstrasse 3
8092 Zuerich

Fax: +41 44 632 11 81

Curriculum Vitae

PhD Thesis

ETH e-collection link: PhD Thesis Weiss 2012 (e-collection)

Direct PDF Links:
Cover and Overview: Overview (pdf, 800kB)
Abstract: Abstract (pdf, 200kB)
Thesis: PhD Thesis Weiss 2012 (pdf, 23MB)
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Code Releases

ethzasl_ptam: Modified version of the well known monocular SLAM framework PTAM presented by Klein & Murray in their paper at ISMAR07. This ROS compatible version of PTAM was successfully used in the European project sFly to estimate a 6DoF pose for long-term vision based navigation of a micro helicopter in large outdoor environments. It has constant computational complexity and works at 20 Hz on an ATOM 1.6 GHz single core computer. Furthermore, it is more robust in self-similar scenes (e.g. grass, asphalt) than the original version.

ethzasl_sensor_fusion: Sensor fusion framework based on an Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) for vehicle pose estimation including intra- and inter-sensor calibration for single and multiple sensors. It assumes full 6DoF motion of the vehicle and an IMU centred platform. It is a self-calibrating approach rendering a vehicle a true power-on-and-go system. The framework is particularly designed to work on an Micro Aerial Vehicle (MAV) carrying an IMU and one single camera performing visual odometry as only navigation sensors. This framework was successfully used in the European project sFly (see Media Impact below)

Media Impact

English: IEEE Spectrum, ABC News: RSS2012
German: NZZ, Focus, Tagesanzeiger, Tagesschau, Computerworld, 20Min, Blick
Swiss-German: SF Einstein


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