Research Projects



ETH medal for Outstanding Doctoral thesis 2015 for Dr. Stefan Leutenegger


StarlETH makes it to NBC


MIT technology review article on ETH Zuerich drones research


"FührerloseBusse sind nur eine Frage der Zeit" in (German)


Dr. Marco Hutter appointed Assistant Professor of Robotic Systems at ETH Zurich


"Igor" as butler on Swiss TV (SRF2, "Gadget Box (1/8))


U. Schwesinger: Interview in ZaS (German)


V-Charge on euronews!


Dr. Enric Galceran finalist for the Best Robotics PhD Thesis in Spain Award


Dr. Stephan Weiss appointed full Professor for Control of Networked Systems at the Alpen-Adria University in Klagenfurt, Austria


Roland Siegwart gives a Keynote Presentation at ECMR 2015,European Conference on Mobile Robots


ASL Robots take a walk in the City of Zurich


Roland Siegwart speaks on the Plenary Panel “Livingwith the Machine in the Future” at the European Forum Alpbach 2015


Interview with Roland Siegwart about the futureand potential of collaborative robots in “10 vor 10” news


Focus-Project SCALEVO wins Gold Award at iCreateStudent Innovation Challenge


Kollege Roboter? «Der Mensch ist noch weit überlegen» - Interview von Roland Siegwart auf SRF Online Portal (in German)


Autonomous Cars – Talk with Roland Siegwart (in German) 13.08.2015


Focus-Project SCALEVO wins National Instruments Global Student Design Award


ICAR Best Paper Award


ASL's AtlantikSolar UAV breaks world endurance record with 81 hour flight


The V-Charge project concludes its four year runtime with an extensive three-week long demonstration


S.Lynen, M.Bosse, R.Siegwart co-authored RSS paper became finalist for the Best SystemsPaper Award


ASL’s AtlantikSolar UAV achieves 28-hourfully-solar powered day/night flight


Marcin Dymczyk was awarded with the ETH Medal for his Master Thesis


Dr. K. Alexis: Assistant Professor in Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Nevada 


Mina Kamel awarded the Willi-Studer Preis as best Master's Degree in RSC


Autonomous cars / V-Charge in print media


Pixelbots live in Spanish TV


Primary school students perform play with Robot "Igor"


AtlantikSolar research on Meteorological Path Planning(MeteoSwiss and ETHZ cooperation) wins two prizes


Today in 20min: "Rettungsroboter nach dem Vorbild der Natur"


Today: Public Defense S. Leutenegger & J. Maye at the bqm


K. Alexis won 2014 Premium Award for Best Paper in Control Theory & Applications


The SEPIOS Robot developed in our Focusproject won the NI Global Student Design Showcase 2014 in Austin Texas


"Best Robot Video" at the AAAI Video Competition for M. Hutter, M. Hoepflinger, C. Gehring, M. Bloesch, M. Kolbe, R. Siegwart


“Success Stories” on the SPARC - The Partnership for Robotics in Europe - website. Check them out!


The paper from G. Darivianakis, K. Alexis, M. Burri and R. Siegwart on "Hybrid Predictive Control for Aerial Robotic Physical Interaction towards Inspection Operations" finalisted for the Best Automation Paper Award on ICRA 2014, Hong Kong.


StarlETH andVelociRoACH featured in IEEE Spectruma


MasterAwards for M. Bürki, J. Hwangbo and R. Khanna


ASL sends two focus teams to the rollout presentation on 27th May


J. Alonso-Mora, R. Siegwart, P. Beardsley win Best Video Award (2nd Price) in the 9th ACM/IEEE Int. Conf. in Human-Robot Interaction (HRI 2014)!


Marco Hutter wins ETH Medal for his Doctoral Thesis "StarlETH & Co. - Design and Control of Legged Robotics with Compliant Actuation"


Davide Scaramuzza - UniZH - formerly at ASL won IEEE RAS (Robotics and Automation Society) Early Career Award


Roland Siegwart - ETH Zurich, Switzerland IEEE won Inaba Technical Award for Innovation Leading to Production


News Archive

Flying Robots

senseSoar - Solar UAV Reely - The Flying Reel (completed)
ICARUS - Search and Rescuing muFly - 50g Micro-Helicopter (completed)
SHERPA - Search and Rescue Robotic Platform Skysailor - Mini Solar Airplane (completed)
AtlantikSolar - Solar Powered UAV Alcedo - The Flying Avalanche Rescuer (completed)
Skye - Omnidirectional Spherical Blimp AiRobots - Aerial Service Robots (completed)
PacFlyer - UAV VTOL Glider myCopter - Personal Aerial Transport (completed)
Flourish - Aerial Data Collection and Analysis, and Automated Ground Intervention for Precision Farming
sFly - Swarm of Flying Robots (completed)
Aeroworks - Collaborative Aerial Robotic Workers  
EuRoC- European Robotics Challenges  

Walking and Running Robots

StarlETH - Dynamic Quadruped Locomotion
ALoF - Static Quadruped Locomotion  
ECHORD++ MODUL - Modular Drive Units for Legged Locomotion

Autonomous Vehicles

JanETH - The ETH Joint Autonomous Navigation Smartter - Autonomous Car (completed)
  SPARC - Planning in Dynamical Enviroment (completed)
  V-Charge - Autonomous Valet Parking

Swimming Robots

LizhbETH - The Limnological Measurement Robot
HyRaii - The Hydrofoil Sailingboat (completed)
Avalon - The Autonomous Sailing Boat Naro - The Robot Fish (completed)
Tartaruga - The Artifical Sea Turtle
Noptilus - Autonomous Underwater Systems (moved to GeorgiaTech F)
Nanins - The Nautical Edutainment Robots

Personal and Service Robots

EUROPA2 - European Robotic Pedestrian Assistant 2.0 Robots@home - An Open Platform for Home Robotics (completed)
  URUS - Ubiquitous Networking Robotics in Urban Settings (completed)
  COGNIRON - The Cognitive Robot Companion (completed)
  BCSA - Bayesian Approach to Cognitive Systems (completed)
  RoboX - The Tour Guide Robot Robotics @ expo.02 (completed)
  EUROPA - Robotic Pedestrian Assistant (completed)

Space and Rescuing Robots

ARTOR - The Autonomous Rough Terrain Outdoor Robot Traloc - The Rescue Snakebot (completed)
CRABli - The 6 Motorized Wheel Robot Shrimp - The High Mobility Wheeled Rover (completed)
Sherpa - Search and Rescue Robotic Platform ExoMars - The Mars Rover Project (completed)
TRADR - Long-Term Human-Robot Teaming for Robot-Assisted Disaster Response RCET - Mars Rover Evaluation Tools (completed)
  NIFTi - Natural Human-Robot Cooperation in Dynamic Enviroments (completed)

Edutainment Robots

DisplaySwarm - The Multi-Robot Display
Theatre Robot - The Actor Robots (completed)
Rezero - The Balancing Ballbot
Octopus - The Rough Terrain Robot  (completed)
Aseba - Learning Robot Programming
Paraswift - The Climbing Robot
Plant-Robot - If Plants Could Move

Industrial Service Robots

Climbing robot for corrosion monitoring Gas Ship Inspection Robot (completed)
EuRoC - European Robotics Challenges
Vortex-Climber (completed)
Echord++ ROAR - Industrial Inspection Using Aerial Robot
MagneBike - Multi-Robot Power Plant Inspection (completed)

Inspection Robots -

Highly Compact Robots for Power Plants Inspections (completed)

Innovative Sensors

Micro Robots

  Alice - The Autonomous Micro Robot (completed)
  InsBot - The Cockroach Robot Interacting with Cockroaches (completed)

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