Cadena Lerma, Cesar Dario, Dr.

Dr.  Cesar Dario Cadena Lerma

Dr. Cesar Dario Cadena Lerma

Autonome Systeme 

LEE  J 201 

Leonhardstrasse 21

8092 Zürich


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Additional information

Research area

My main research interest is in robotics and control, in which I am particularly focused on Robotic Scene Understanding, both geometry and semantics, covering Semantic Mapping, Data Association and Place Recognition tasks, Simultaneous Localization and Mapping problems, as well as persistent mapping in dynamic environments.

Curriculum Vitae

I'm researcher at the Institut of Robotics and Intelligent Systems at ETH Zurich, working with the Autonomous Systems Lab. lead by Roland Siegwart. Previously, I was a Senior Researcher at School of Computer Science of The University of Adelaide, working with Ian Reid, and a Postdoc at CS Department of George Mason University, working with Jana Kosecka. I got my PhD, under the supervision of Jose Neira, in the Department of Computer Science and System Engineering at the University of Zaragoza. 

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